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Recently I’ve been thinking about how much of what I think and do is actually dictated by hegemonic influence implanted by the 20 richest people in the world. If I want something, why do I want it? Is it because of advertising and shame-mongering that I want a certain blouse or device? If I love something, do I really love it for the right reasons, or do I only love it because it flatters me or panders to me or makes me feel like I belong? If I am unhappy, is my unhappiness and dissatisfaction merely a social construct? None of this is new— hello freshman-year Sociology. But every week I spend away from Santa Cruz is another week where that fear gets buried in a lukewarm bath of complacency.

Anyway, I just listened to this Charlie Kaufman talk about screenwriting and storytelling but mostly about being loyal to your own truth, and it’s really important, and necessary, and you should absolutely listen too, and the last bit is Q & A so it’s shorter than it looks. I’d include some quotes but there’d be no point, the entire thing is solid gold and will make you love yourself more. And—I think, I’m not sure, but I think, that despite outside influences—and perhaps because of my momentary perceived freedom of outside influences—I think that I am pretty darn happy right now.