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Does anybody have any good stories for:

The Great Escape
This one is pretty self-explanatory, but as usual, we are generous in our interpretation of the theme. We are looking for stories of literal or figurative great escapes, we already have pieces about a WWII escape,escaping from family and the story of man living in a hotel. We are looking for a variety of interpretations, including   stories about escaping relationships or jobs or hostage situations. Tales of escapes that are shocking, telling and poignant will have the best chance.

Work it
We’re putting together  this episode for labor day, and it’s all about work. We already have some strike pieces, but we are looking for stories perhaps about an unusual family business, a workplace fiasco, career loves and lessons learned on the job, stories that feature hard work or hardly working, any personal story that centers around labor, career or jobs.

We’ve put out this call once before, we’re hoping to produce an entire episode of stories told by children, ideally the stories will highlight the unique experience of being a young person in a world run (often poorly) by adults. This includes stories of children understanding a situation better than any one else, children being ignored or misunderstood, children as heroes or villains and stories of young people being generally better than the rest of us. Again, ideally all of these stories will be told by young people, but we are open to stories told by those who used to be young.

Big Fish
Once again we are looking for literal and figurative interpretations here. The Big Fish episode will feature stories of charlatans, small time bosses drunk on power, as well as folks who found unexpected success, whose strengths went unnoticed for a lifetime until they were finally discovered, or who thrived in a particular community. An actual fishing story couldn’t hurt, provided it fits the rules and has strong dramatic tension and a twist. 

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