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Thank you for your iTunes comments on Snap Judgment’s page. Let me address those for you.

Yes, Snap Judgment runs reruns. We are about to go on vacation, so that means running  two reruns in a row. And we’re preparing for your wrath. 

I think you might not  understand how hard making a show is. Let me simplify it for you.

Let’s compare this to your other favorite radio shows.

-Radiolab has 10 producers. They put out 5 episodes per year. 

-This American Life has 11 radio producers. They put out (I think) 25 episodes per year.

-Snap Judgment has generally operated with between 3-7 producers. In the past two years, we have put out 30 episodes per year. 

Now, your funtime entertainment doesn’t just spontaneously appear out of a pot of rainbows when God adds cinnamon and bonito flakes. No, we make it.

The first year, I made it for 80 hours a week. (It takes about 16-20 hours to complete an average story for me, and I’m fast. If I have 4 stories in an episode, then—you do the math.) I was propositioned by a dude who thought I was a prostitute because I was taking a smoke break in downtown Oakland at 4am. I was tear gassed because I wouldn’t leave my office during the 99% riots. When I took my first real vacation 1.5 years after starting, I had a complete meltdown because I’d forgotten how to not work. I still stay until 9pm at least once a week, and my boss still pulls all-nighters regularly. Over the past three years, I’ve cried. A lot.

We all forgo lunch, we set our significant others aside, we don’t sleep, never sleep, don’t sleep, we drink Coke Zero eat goldfish crackers,  we miss our daughter’s recitals, we don’t know what a weekend is, we stare at the screen until our brains are going to explode and KEEP. ON. EDITING. Why the fuck do we do it? We do it so that you can listen to a new hour of content every 1-2 weeks. We do it because we love you. We love radio. We do it with so few people because we’re only three years old and we don’t have a whole lot of money yet and—pardon me—didn’t you just download our podcast for free?

"Are there really not enough stories out there to release original material?”

There are totally enough stories out there. But there aren’t enough hours in a day. And we’re running two repeats because we are making a concerted effort recently to finally live our lives with the ones we love, not in front of a screen. And I’m not going to feel bad about it, thank you very much. Because I kick ass and slave away to make radio for our sweet, loving, incredible fans, not ungrateful, ignorant amoebas like you. 


NOBODY IN SAN FRANCISCO IS EXCITED FOR THE OLYMPICS?!??!!? Whaaaaaat is WRONG with you people!? I know you don’t believe in competition or awards or anyone getting a bigger slice of cake even than anyone else, and I know nobody has a goddamn television and is opposed to being subjected to any sort of advertising but look

The best jumpers in the entire world are all going to get together in different-colored outfits and HAVE A JUMP-OFF


grrr san francisco. 

Are you serious? I mean really? Especially like, the “new generation” of public radio—starting with This American Life on. There are like under 50 shows trying to change the face of public radio into something new and young and exciting. And 50 is a really optimistic estimate in terms of shows making it nationally. We’re all struggling, and poor, and in this for the love of it. We should be supporting each other to expand this burgeoning sphere of creative audio storytelling, not shitting on each other’s work because it doesn’t fit into your extremely narrow taste brackets of what you think “art” is.