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Public radio has long championed independent artists, supporting emerging talent and exposing their music to a wider audience.

But don’t take our word for it. At San Francisco’s 2012 Noise Pop Festival, a handful of guest musicians came together to discuss their own personal experiences with public radio and how it has influenced their careers.

Special guest musicians include Thao Nguyen, Zach Rogue, John Vanderslice, Kevin Johnson, Zoe Keating, Quinn DeVeaux, Sean Hayes and Jhameel in a panel moderated by radio producer Stephanie Foo (NPR’s Snap Judgment). Video produced by Natalie Rold.

It’s me, for public radio music month! Subscribe to their tumblr!

Amazing pictures of this weekend’s Musicians’ Tribute to Public Radio! Zach Rogue looks so pensive and John Vanderslice is clearly having a blast. I do not know what I’m pointing at but I think it’s probably the KALW table. I love these guys, it was SO much fun and they were all absolutely fantastic speakers. <3 <3 <3 <3 Best day ever. 

Thank you so much Natalie Rold for taping the event!

@Jhameel covers a classic, just a little tweaked—at my event, Noise Pop’s Musicians’ Tribute to Public Radio. Backup vocals and percussion from Zach Rogue (Rogue Wave), John Vanderslice, Thao, Quinn DeVeaux, Zoe Keating, Kevin Johnson (Weekend) and Sean Hayes!

Enjoy! (And omg John Vanderslice gave me a shoutout! What!)

john vanderslice + me + zach rogue


Zoe Keating is an incredible avant-cellist who is ALL OVER public radio. We’ve used her, Morning Edition uses her, Radiolab had a whole podcast episode on her (clickthrough for that.) 

Obviously, she’ll be speaking at the panel I’m moderating this Saturday, Musicians’ Tribute to Public Radio.  We’ll seeya there!

Sean Hayes is a kind of local folk hero here in San Francisco. He’s been playing here for the past 20 years now and has written his fare share music about our fair city. 

I like this one a lot, though: Ooooh, yeah, this is powerful stuff. 

Sean Hayes is going to be on our Noise Pop: Musicians Tribute to Public Radio event on the 25th.



Public radio and independent music have always gone hand in hand. From All Songs Considered to Morning Becomes Eclectic to This American Life, Public Radio has long championed and sustained independent musicians, exposing their music —and the incredible stories behind it. Join us as musicians show non-commercial radio some love. 

Special guest musicians Thao Nguyen (Thao with The Get Down Stay Down,) John Vanderslice, Kevin Johnson (Weekend), Zoe Keating, Quinn DeVeaux (The Blue Beat Review) and Jhameel come together with radio producer Stephanie Foo (NPR’s Snap Judgment) to converse about the importance of public radio as a vital platform for independent music!

The show will be recorded before you, the live audience, to be rebroadcast on local public radio stations. Come and applaud so distinctly, your friends will know it’s you when the show is aired. Live stories, pre-recorded ones, jokes, serious faces, KQED, KALW, and yes of course, live music, will all gather to love and support public radio.

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Stephanie Foo,
Liner Notes

New Podcast: Liner Notes

Hey all,

So I’ve got a new podcast I’m brewing up, and I’m going to make a website and all of that good stuff once I’ve got a couple of episodes down. So far, I just have one.

Here’s the premise: First-person stories told by musicians, scored with their music.

The other day, Jordan Kurland, the founder and co-owner of Noise Pop, dropped by the studio to tell me a story. It was about the Flaming Lips…and since I think it’ll be a hundred years before I score a Flaming Lips interview, I was only too happy to score this Noise Pop story with their music. Enjoy! It clocks in at 3:00.

If you’re in the Bay Area, you’ve got to check out the Noise Pop Festival this year. It features acts like Aesop Rock & Kimya Dawson, Yo La Tengo, Ben Gibbard, Kid Koala, Dan Deacon, Wavves, Best Coast, the Soft White Sixties and many more.

As for Liner Notes…bands lined up for future episodes include Red Wanting Blue and Kevin Drew from Broken Social Scene.