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While driving to Tahoe the other day, me and my boyfriend listened to his first episode of This American Life. It just so happened to be the episode, "What Doesn’t Kill You," in which a girl gets bitten by a shark and her family refuses to do anything about it. 

While we listened to it, we kept grimacing, groaning and outright yelping in anguish from this girl’s plight. Afterward, I told him he had to turn it off because I could not deal and we were going to listen to nice, calm music for the rest of the drive. Neil said, “Whoa!! That was the most gripping story I’ve ever heard!”

"What are you talking about?!" I yelled. "It was disgusting!"

"Yeah but look at your reaction! Weren’t you so into it?"

"We never would have run that story like that," I said, shaking my head, "No way! No way! Never!! I’d play it for the bosses and they’d say it was too violent, and Anna would get nauseous and wave her hands in the air. Look at me! I’m all upset now! I’m all angry and grossed out! What if there were children in the car? What if you just wanted to listen to some nice relaxing NPR on the way to work or something and you listened to this and got PTSD? We cut excessive gore out all the time so the listeners don’t shit a brick. They freak out when we put boobs in a story."

"But the gore is the point of the story! The episode is all about how much a person can take."

"Yeah, well, it’s effective because I can’t take any more."

"But it’s so interesting! How her parents didn’t do anything, it’s got all these layers of betrayal and….!"

"Yeah sure you can keep that all in, but you’ve just gotta cut out some of the gross stuff. Like the line about the bowels in her stomach? EUGH!! C’mon, I would have cut that. The poop is unnecessary."

"Well, Ira Glass thought it was necessary, so."

"Oh no you didn’t."

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Omg sex advice from Ira Glass. 

fav parts:

"I don’t know what it says about me that I feel I need a music cue here." - I KNOW RIGHT

and also of course “Want to have  blowjob, do you?”

Ira mentions us and a bunch of other amazing new NPR shows in his letter about why Car Talk should be taken off the air after Click and Clack retire. I agree with everything he says. It’s time for public radio to evolve. 
Check out my take on how to keep public relevant here. 

Ira mentions us and a bunch of other amazing new NPR shows in his letter about why Car Talk should be taken off the air after Click and Clack retire. I agree with everything he says. It’s time for public radio to evolve. 

Check out my take on how to keep public relevant here. 

Last night, Radiolab’s show. Friggin. KILLED IT. I almost cried. I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe. My breath was literally taken away by the stunning visuals. And I danced and sang my ass off to my favorite, Thao Nguyen. Which is pretty much the entire human experience encapsulated in a two-hour show, right? And now that I have this picture (doesn’t Jad look content) does this mean that I’m public radio popular? (The suave gentleman to the left of me is our associate producer, Renzo Gorrio.)

Time to add to the collection: 

SERIOUS Lolling in the office right now. Rolling on the floor—-Ira and Terri make a sex tape. 

Why I love CA



As seen in California.

Mad respect.

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Ira Glass tells the Pulitzers to fuck off.

I think that maybe I’m in the Matrix and I have found out how to be Neo. I have no other explanation for why my life is going so swimmingly or how this event embodies non-stochasticity (holla Radiolab vocab) so perfectly.

I drew this comic exactly one year ago. For the last Folsom Street Fair…this year’s Folsom Street Fair was today. And that second panel? Yeah, that just goddamn happened to me.

I went to PRPD, which is a public radio conference (lots of NPR peeps there.) Then I hung out with this very nice NPR gentleman who actually started telling me, “Oh, yeah, I was in NPR’s library a while ago and I was borrowing an advance copy of a Malcolm Gladwell book and it had all these interesting notes in it!”

No fucking way that really happened. But it did. What. What. What.

Also, this morning, Ira Glass gave a closing speech to the conference. During the entire thing, people kept talking about using a more casual tone, taking a more interesting, youthful approach to storytelling and taking risks in radio—except that none of them really did that in any of their speeches. But, as always, Ira shows rather than tells because he is a brilliant non-human alien robot from the future.

So, Ira inspired the hell out of me. And even though I know Snap Judgment is as new and different as it gets I still took things from his speech that I can really learn from because he uses the best clips to highlight great things about radio, and I decided that I’m going to completely overhaul two of my stories to make them the most fantastic better best. Already, Ira resuscitated my work ethic. But then, he got up onstage and starte talking about a brand new show, Snap Judgment. He says that it’s great, different, that Glynn has courage in that there is no other host out there willing to perform stories as sincerely as he does. He gave shoutouts to several stories and mentioned that he was surprised that they really stick with him. Then he said that though he sees TAL within us—in that we go after emotionally gripping stories—we don’t sound like TAL at all, we’re more like TAL’s cousin who grew up somewhere completely different.

I shook his hand afterward, oh my god, Ira Glass listens to Snap Judgment. Oh my god Ira Glass has heard my work. I officially have to work 500% harder on all of my pieces.