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Fun is known for their hit single, “We Are Young,” featuring Janelle Monae, but the fierce and fiery band has slew of killer songs featuring fervent violins and thundering piano riffs. Nate Ruest’s earnest lyrics soar alongside Andrew Dost and Jack Antonoff’s melodies. In this story, Jack talks about seeing a local production of the musical “Pippin” that goes violently awry.

All the music in this piece was by Fun and the 1972 Broadway cast of Pippin. Check out Fun’s new album, Some Nights, and catch them on tour this summer!

New episode. These guys were hilarious—the dead cat story involved Nate’s parents. They had an incredibly socially inept old neighbor who owned a passel of wiener dogs. One day, the old lady knocked on his parents’ door and and said, “Here’s $30, I killed your cat.”

Nate’s dad responded, “But we don’t have a cat. But why did you kill the cat?”

She said, “My dogs were going to get to it,” and walked away.